New markup supported by Google – ProfilePage & DiscussionForumPosting

Google has once again this year expanded the list of supported markup types.

This time, the supported structured data types include: DiscussionForumPosting and ProfilePage.

As you might guess, both of these markups are for use on websites that have forums. By implementing the markups, according to the mockup provided by Google, it will be possible to achieve an interesting presentation of search results.

Is such a result guaranteed for a webmaster who implements this type of markup? No, it is not guaranteed. In order to achieve additional features in the search results, the website usually need to meet various qualitative requirements of the search engine.

When the markup is implemented, it is always necessary to check whether the minimum, i.e. the correctness of the markup, has been achieved.

How to implement?

– here is for information on DiscussionForumPosting

– here is for information on ProfilePage

After implementation, the page should be tested to see if the markup works correctly. Google’s search engine requirements for building search results, should be tested with the tool:

Many sites were already using the Q&A markup on their pages. Google has made it clear that if a site has a Q&A form then the markup should not be changed to DiscussionForumPosting and should remain with the current QAPage.