International SEO

Expansion into foreign markets is an increasingly common practice, hence the importance of creating several language versions of a single website or separate language sites. If you are planning to expand your service internationally or you already are operating on foreign markets and want to improve your visibility in search results, we can prepare a SEO strategy taking into account both the specifications of a given domestic and foreign markets.

We prepare tailored SEO strategies for both foreign and domestic markets

International SEO efforts, even for a single, multilingual website, may look different for each language version. When conducting international SEO, our job is to learn about the domestic and foreign environment, and then find the search potential that can be exploited, based on which we develop an effective international organic strategy.

When preparing recommendations, we take into account:

  • Targeting — adapting the website to available language versions and to multiple foreign locations,
  • Implementation method — whether the site in another language version should be established as a separate domain, subdomain or directory,
  • Design of URLs and their foreign language equivalents — how to build URLs and their corresponding hreflangs,
  • Indexing of domestic and foreign-language pages — making it easier for search engines to find a specific language version of a given page.

When conducting international SEO activities, we perform:

  • Business analysis — we thoroughly study the specifics of your industry, domestic and foreign markets, and their potential,
  • Competitive analysis — we investigate the strategies and activities of your foreign competitors,
  • Technical audit of international domains — we adapt the language versions to the area of operation and ensure their proper indexing,
  • Content plan — we recommend content to develop basing on keywords and their search potential on domestic and global markets,
  • We build a profile of foreign external linking – we identify ways to acquire links with potential in foreign markets.