Off-site SEO

We implement linkbuilding strategies to support your marketing plans. As part of the cooperation with our Partners, we moderate content creation, verify websites, and organize publication of articles with backlinks leading to our clients’ websites.

SEO doesn't stop with your website

We know that the visibility of a website depends not only on the development of the content and the optimization of the site. That is why, as part of our service, we support clients in evaluating and acquiring valuable backlinks leading to the site – even the best content will not provide benefits if it is difficult to find.


Linkbuilding is about fostering the site’s credibility on the Web. Pages that are often cited, recommended or mentioned in other valuable places on the web are themselves considered valuable by search engines.

Acquiring links from reliable and reputable sources not only increases the website’s authority, but also the frequency with which it is visited by search engine indexing bots.

We launch the linkbuilding process with the link profile audit – we examine the quality and thematic relevance of the sites on which backlinks appear, preparing a disavow file in which we disclaim all links that are potentially harmful (toxic) to the site if necessary. In later steps, we acquire additional external links, through outreach campaigns, coordination of SEO efforts with PR activities, or paid campaigns. Handling the linkbuilding process, we also conduct constant supervision of the quantity, quality and diversity of incoming links, reporting monthly changes in their number, and the number of domains pointing to the Partner’s website.

Other off-site activities

Google has moved beyond simply presenting ten links in search results a long time ago. Therefore, in order to effectively gain visibility, it is also important to take care of elements such as the Google business card, so that Google Maps users and other location-based searchers can display our website. As part of our SEO audit, we also check the accuracy of our clients’ business cards, recommending actions to increase their visibility in Google Maps.

In addition to standard off-site activities, we also offer consulting in other areas related to the online visibility of the brand. The social network recommendation systems, or content publishing sites such as YouTube, use algorithms different than Google, but they operate on similar principles. By knowing these rules and understanding the broader system in which they operate, we are able to organically increase the visibility of specific content published by our Partner. Therefore, if you conduct extensive marketing activities, engaging SEO specialists can benefit not only the effectiveness of those efforts, but also the SEO performance. The only thing that works better than a broad-based campaign is a campaign that is integrated on multiple levels – we are happy to share our perspective and expertise to maximize the efficiency for each of your outreach channels.

When off-site SEO is useful?

A well-managed and naturally grown backlink profile is capable of helping a website to gain visibility, regardless of the industry or size of the site.

Conducting even the most effective off-site activities is not a guarantee of success, but together with a consistent content development strategy, we have been able to achieve and maintain high positions in Google search for years. If you think your site’s visibility could benefit from expanding or changing your off-site strategy – contact us and together we will develop the most effective linkbuilding strategy, tailored to your goals and budget.