SEO audit of a website

In order for a website to appear high in search results, it is necessary to take care of both the quality of the content and the technical aspects of the website. A professional SEO audit will help to identify shortcomings and errors that limit the visibility of the website in search engines.

An SEO audit is the basis for effectively improving the site’s visibility:

  • Technical audit:
    • A comprehensive inspection of the website’s technical condition
    • Analysis of domain and website history – archived versions of the site and old URLs
    • Scope and efficiency of indexation, accessibility for search engine bots
    • Internal and external linking, broken links, redirects, link profile
    • Speed of loading, compatibility with mobile devices
    • Analysis of server logs and crawl budget
  • Content audit:
    • Information architecture – site structure, navigation, site search
    • Keyword analysis and content optimization
      • headlines, titles and descriptions, multimedia
      • site content, blog posts, content plan
    • Visibility against organic competitors
    • Language versions
    • Duplication and content cannibalization
  • Metadata:
    • Structured data – tags
    • Rich snippets
  • Recommendations and support

Analysis of the website

Our SEO audit is a comprehensive assessment of the condition of a website in terms of meeting all parameters relevant to positioning. We treat each analysis individually, adjusting the objectives and goals of the audit to the size of the website, the current condition of the site, SEO needs, as well as the implementation capabilities of the Partner and available resources.

Prepared in a form of a report, the SEO audit is both a source of knowledge about the overall functioning of the Partner’s website, as well as clear, specific recommendations for changes, the implementation of which will bring measurable results – allowing to improve all the elements responsible for the site’s position in search engines and increase user engagement.

For implementations beyond the Partner’s capabilities, thanks to a clear and detailed description of the recommendations and prioritization of each, the deployment of changes can be spread out over time.


Accessibility and readability of the site for search engine bots are crucial in SEO. Even the best content or offer will not appear high in search results without taking care of the technical aspects. A technical audit allows you to check your site’s accordance with the requirements, recommendations and good practices of search engine optimization.

The first part of a standard SEO audit is a technical audit –  checking the site’s code and the technical solutions used, for correctness, optimization, indexability of specific pages and accessibility for both users and search engine bots. The starting point of the technical audit is an analysis of the historical and current visibility of the site in search engines, as well as the scope of indexation of specific content, which allows to assess whether, and if so, to what extent search engines have trouble reading and indexing specific parts of the site.

For large websites, we also analyze site structure and server logs, assess the efficiency with which new content is discovered and indexed by search engine bots, and whether the site’s crawl budget is being used optimally.


The second part of a SEO audit is the analysis of the content available on the website. Search engines favor original and valuable content which is not available anywhere else, and meets the needs of users. Sites with comprehensive and well-optimized content appear more often and higher in search results.

We start the content audit by analyzing the information architecture, the structure of the website, its various parts, linking between them, and the navigation of the site. The overall distribution of the site’s content and information architecture are as important as the content of individual pages; based on them, search engines assess the site’s subject matter and the potential value of its content. Thoughtfully designed site structure and navigation also improve the user experience and convenience of the site users.

On-page content optimization assessment involves checking the quality, structure of headings, titles, descriptions, available multimedia and the use of relevant keywords on specific pages and in the key sections of the website. We analyze both existing content, and the potential shortcomings that may reduce the value of the page in the eyes of users and search engines.

We check available language versions, and in the case of large websites, we make sure that there are no problems with content cannibalization and duplication. We also conduct an analysis of key phrases relevant to the site’s profile, and check its visibility against competitors. Based on the content analysis, we prepare recommendations of changes aimed at improving the site’s visibility in search engines.


The final part of a SEO audit is verifying the availability and correctness of markups and structured data. While these are not visible to users, they provide valuable clues to indexing robots and search engines, allowing them to better understand the nature of published content and index it correctly.

Although not required for the proper operation of the website, structured data improves communication between the site and search engines, allows indexing robots to better understand the nature and subject matter of published content, and can positively affect the visibility of the site. During the site analysis, we will check the correctness of the structured data and help you prepare Schema markup appropriate for each type of sub-page.

Recommendations and support

SEO audit is not only a source of knowledge about the condition, level of optimization, functioning of individual parts of the website, and their relevance to search engine positioning. Each point of the analysis is followed by recommendations of changes in the design or content of the site aimed at making it compliant with the standards recommended by search engines.

We formulate recommendations in a specific and clear manner, indicating which element or part of the website they concern, what it currently looks like, and what changes should be made to improve the quality of the site and make it easier for search engine indexing bots to reach it, properly identify its subject matter and nature, and index it efficiently.

Along with the audit, we offer support in the form of a walk-through of the results of the analysis, verifying the correctness of individual implementations and testing. This is especially important during a migration of the website and significant changes in its structure, such as rebranding. As a whole, a professional SEO audit and the implementation of recommended changes will help to ensure that the website is in the best possible technical condition for further development and building visibility in search engines, and the content it contains is correctly optimized.

Request a SEO audit of your website

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