Migration and reconstruction of a website in terms of SEO

We support your team in the process of migrating or rebuilding your website and help minimizing the risk of drops in visibility.

Website migration and redevelopment vs SEO

If you decide to:

  • change the content management system (CMS) or hosting / domain,
  • extracting parts of the current site or combining several into one,
  • rebranding / redesign of the current website,

then for each of these processes you need to prepare accordingly. We will help you carry out a successful migration or reconstruction of your site, and implement the entire process with you step by step.

Why use the help of an SEO agency when carrying out a website migration / reconstruction?

The processes of migrating and reconstructing a website are not an easy task — the support of an SEO agency with such a complex procedure can be very useful, as it will help to avoid common mistakes made during unassisted execution.

With our help, you can:

  • Consult on the planned design of the new website,
  • Take advice regarding the choice of technology that will be both user and search engine friendly,
  • Avoid common mistakes often made when performing a site migration / reconstruction,
  • Count on our support for the entire transfer process and help with the optimization of the website’s content at each stage of the migration.

How do we support you step by step during your website migration and/or redesign?

  • We learn the reason and purpose of the migration / reconstruction of the website, and develop an adequate SEO strategy,
  • We prepare a redirection map:
    • We find all existing and archival URLs of the website,
    • We prepare a list of new, optimized addresses,
    • We create a list of redirects from old addresses to new ones,
  • We verify the new test version of the site:
    • We optimize the meta content of the final pages,
    • We conduct a content analysis,
    • We verify the URLs structure and internal linking,
  • We analyze the status of the website after the migration / reconstruction, and the impact it had on SEO performance.