SEO Training

When preparing a SEO training course, we adjust its scope and form so that it brings the intended effects, such as: preparing for cooperation with an agency, expanding competencies of the marketing team, or raising awareness of certain aspects of how content functions in search engines.

SEO Training course

We provide SEO training along with the start of a project, as a stand-alone service to build new competencies in the marketing department, and for interactive agencies.

Each training is preceded by an interview with the Partner, during which we identify the needs that need to be addressed, and suggest an appropriate form and scope of the training. The final agenda for the training is determined before the scheduled date.

Who is SEO training for?

We provide training:

  • When starting a new project – such training brings value in the form of a smoothly running project. An SEO project runs effectively when both the agency and the Partner understand each other, and have a clear, common goal and plan of action.
  • As a stand-alone service for companies looking to build new competencies in their marketing team.
  • For digital agencies – during which we focus on creating search engine friendly products.

The learning material is customized for each training. Beforehand we perform an initial SEO audit of the Partner’s website. We present the discussed issues on the example of the examined site.

We provide training stationary and remotely

During the training we carry out stress-free exercises to reinforce new knowledge.

The trainees learn how to conduct competitive analysis, assess the market potential and use them in marketing activities.

Our training materials are constantly updated taking into account the latest changes in the functioning of search engine algorithms, so we always train on the latest facets of SEO.

Trainees receive a simple preparation manual before the training.

After the training:

  • The partner receives materials in the form of a PDF files and certificates of completion of the training.
  • The partner has additional time available for follow-up online consultations.