Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an extension of regular webdevelopment, ensuring that a website, in addition to being useful to the users, will also be accessible and readable by search engine bots.

We adjust websites to meet search engines' requirements

We perform audits and provide recommendations to bring the website up to the technical standards recommended by Google. The purpose of technical optimization is to check the site for errors and make changes to its design in order to make it as easy as possible for search engine robots to reach any content worth indexing.

What makes up "technical" SEO?

As part of the technical audit, we check the accessibility of pages from the standpoint of crawlability, indexability, code optimization and user accessibility. For larger sites, we also check the website’s design to ensure that the crawl budget is used for relevant pages, and check server logs to determine how the website’s content is discovered and “read” by Google bots.

How do we provide our service?

We create a comprehensive set of recommendations and coordinate the development team to help implementing them. Technical SEO requires knowledge of not only the requirements outlined in Google’s documentation, but also a practical understanding of how to implement standard technologies within webdevelopment and how to work around some of the problems commonly encountered in developing websites. We arrange technical recommendations according to specific issues, such as page speed, redirects, accessibility of pages and content from the search engine’s point of view, giving each of these points an appropriate priority for the given situation – making it easier to assess what scope of work should be performed at each stage of the webdevelopment process.

Extensive testing allows our technical SEO service to accomplish many goals that are not obvious at first glance. While performing audits, we conduct comprehensive QA (Quality Assurance) for our Partners – pointing out structural problems, overlooked implementations, and ensuring that the website is in the best technical condition for further growth. By establishing an SEO strategy together with our Partners, we are able to translate marketing objectives into specific deployments for webdevelopers in order to implement changes and achieve business goals with ease. We take care of the quality and seamless implementation of changes, suggesting the best ways to proceed with any given issue, saving time for both clients and specialists responsible for building the website. We also create clear reports ,so that even clients who are not familiar with the intricacies of various technical solutions used, may have real insight into how the website is being developed, and we verify the suitability of each of the planned implementations.

When is it a good idea to opt for a technical audit?

A great time to perform a technical audit is during a website upgrade or redesign. This allows to leverage the commitment and expertise of the development team, and work together to create a site that is ready for content development with confidence, that future visibility is not being blocked by a few ill-formed lines of code, or leftovers from previous activities conducted without proper expertise.

Technical SEO gives the best results for medium and large websites. The ability to understand, analyze, and create comprehensive recommendations for sites with tens of thousands of URLs requires expert analytical skills and experience in running this websites of such scale. Often, those in charge of marketing activities have little experience with technical issues, and those in charge of technological implementations focus mainly on creating a working website – without paying much attention to whether the solutions will meet the marketing goals and objectives. Involving SEO specialists in the process allows both these groups to find a common ground, and the unique expertise brought by search engine optimization specialists makes it possible to create pages that, in addition to having unique value from the point of view of site visitors, will also be well optimized and suited for further growth.

What to expect from a technical audit?

In the technical part of an SEO audit, we first discuss our Partner’s marketing goals and objectives. We audit websites in terms of the technology and CMS solutions used, pointing out errors and the best ways to solve them. We check the technical efficiency and readability of the site from the perspective of search engine bots, and verify the correctness of robots.txt files, sitemap construction, and htaccess files. We look for non-indexable file formats, unoptimized images and poorly executed, chained and looped redirects.

All these activities are aimed at defining clear and understandable technical recommendations aimed at enhancing the indexation of relevant content as much as possible. We recommend solutions to streamline further development of the site and oversee implementations, reporting regularly on the progress. We support the development teams in the improvement of the website looking for errors, code fragments that slow down its performance, poorly embedded content, and suggest specific solutions resulting in better indexation. When conducting audits, thanks to years of experience, we know what solutions to recommend and how to prioritize tasks in such a way, that they do not undermine the allocated budget and do not generate additional, unnecessary work for developers.

Why invest in technical SEO?

Most SEO activities are related to technical implementations. For us, the goal of technical SEO efforts is to provide a website that is well prepared for organic growth. We point out the “technological debts” that might generate issues and block the website’s further development, and point out which shortcuts will not harm its further operation.

Conducting an SEO audit and implementing technical SEO recommendations allows to improve non-obvious issuers related to the technical performance of the website, and to create a site that will not generate problems in the future.

If you think your website would benefit from a technical audit – contact us. Together we’ll discuss your goals, potential problems, and find a course of action that will ensure that your site is ready for further development.