Web development & editorial support

Comprehensive SEO service includes taking overall care of the website. Coordination of required changes and optimizations will ensure an increase in the organic visibility of your site while not taking up your time.

SEO implementations

An important part of a SEO project is a general website optimization. Most often required changes concern both technical aspects, such as taking care of the loading speed of the website or fixing on-site errors, and content – optimizing the already existing copy and publishing new texts.

To meet the needs of our Partners, we can take care of the process of implementing changes on your website.

ideahills offers:

  • Web development works on the website concerning the implementation of changes recommended in the SEO audit,
  • Editorial work – optimization of already existing content, publication of new texts, help in the overall website management.

Coordination of these processes by a SEO specialist guarantees the optimal order of implementations and quality assurance of the changes from the point of view of users and the Google search engine. 

The transparency of the project is ensured thanks to a ticketing system, where the communication between the Partner, the ideahills team, and the implementation team takes place regarding every single task. We make sure that all concerned parties are always in the loop.

Comprehensive SEO service includes taking all-round care of the website and every change that is made. Our support will ensure an increase in the organic visibility of your site, while saving you the time needed to coordinate changes and test implementations. Contact us to discuss the details of your business needs, and let’s get started!